Sipping Wine & Viewing Local Art!

Inside our tasting room, we display local artists’ works and musicians play live music. Art is available for purchase and changes on a monthly basis. Artist Open Houses will be listed on the public event calendar.

JB Davis

Art for the month of December
“What the Colors Say – An Expression of Two Spirits”

This being my third showing at Chatham Hill Winery, I wanted to bring forth another element to my ongoing evolution as an artist. In my 30+ years creating art, the last 20 have been spent in tandem with my partner Brent Joseph, who has walked with me along this path in spirit and is an artist in his own right. As such, we have encouraged, supported, and inspired each other but have seldom been unified in the creative process. This show represents a collaborative effort to host a manifestation of work which combines form and design with color and words.

Bruce Tarkington

Art for the month of November
“Lighting the Way”

I’m a native Down Easterner, a retired veterinarian presently living in Cary, and began drawing NC coastal scenes soon after retiring. My longtime and current media I still enjoy using is charcoal…. in an extremely  detailed realism style.  Recently, however, I’ve added some pastels and colored pencils to give some of my charcoal drawings another dimension.  Two years ago I competed in a gallery competition with forty oil and acrylic paintings, as well as a group of watercolors, and won the People’s Choice Award. This summer I was invited to have a five months long exhibit in Morehead City at the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center, which was a sequel to my Down East exhibit in Cary.  Enjoy the art!

Briscoe Park

Art for the month of October
Open House October 13, 2019 5-7pm

I’m a twenty-two year old photographer that was born in Cary North Carolina. Almost six years ago, I picked up a camera and started to take photos of everything and anything that caught my eye. My passion quickly transformed into something that consumes all of my time and energy and I love every second of it. I specialize in Landscapes and Sci-Fi type night photography. I travel with friends frequently to accomplish this look and style that I’m becoming more familiar with. I can’t wait to see where photography takes me and the opportunity to share personal stories and concepts with the rest of the world through my photographs.

Teresa Cole Rogers

Art for the month of November

Art can create such a passion and immense feeling in the viewer that gazes upon it.  I fell in love with Cape Hatteras Lighthouse the first time that I saw this majestic beauty reaching into the skies. Throughout my life I have spent time painting, drawing and now today combining my love of trees with the lighthouses of the OBX. I try to give the viewer a different perspective as seen through the trees. The trees are the foundations for the leaves and foliage that grows upon them. The roots are the strength and the stability for the trees while allowing the growth within their branches.  I hope you enjoy my art!


Janey Johnson

Art for the month of September by Janie Johnson

The struggle to validate myself as an artist has overwhelmed me over the years. My sister sent my horoscope to me recently and this is what I read..
‘If you ever wanted to break ahead of the pack or make your mark, then now’s the time to do it. Stop hiding your creative light under a bushel.’
In my mind, I kept thinking of the song, BREAKOUT, by the Swing Out Sisters…and after listening to the lyrics, I knew this was new mantra for my art.
‘You’re fighting with lost confidence, the time has come to make or break- Don’t hesitate- You’ve got to find a way, Say what you want to say; BREAKOUT !’
Watch out my friends, ‘Here I Come!’
Thank you for your support!

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