June and July at Chatham Hill Winery

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Chatham Hill Winery is open Tuesday through Sunday with wine tastings occurring throughout the day without reservations: 11 to 5 pm Tuesday - Thursday; 11 to 10 pm Friday (WineAway Friday 6 to 10), 11 to 6 pm Saturday; and 1 to 5 pm Sunday.

Winery tours are on a schedule. Tuesday-Friday 12:30 and 3:30, Saturday 1:00, 3:00 and 4:30, Sunday 2:00.


June 3, Fri   Club Chatham Hill Wine Summer Club Release Weekend – Not a Club Chatham Hill Member? Well you can be. Just ask about it when you visit…This is a special Club Member Weekend with fun things in store…

                      Public: 7 to 10 – WineAway Friday - Wine Bar with Beer on Tap and if weather is warm enough, Wine Slushies, or try one of our Wine Flights. Relax after a long week.  Music provided by Cole Koffi.

June 4 & 5 Sat & Sun          It's National Cheese Weekend. OK, it really was June 4, but such a pairing deserves an entire weekend! Purchase a Flight of four Wines that we have PAIRED PERFECTLY with four Cheeses and learn as you go with our help along the way. $30/flight. Reservations not required however are accepted.

Jun 11 & 12 Sat & Sun       Celebrate National Rosé Day. You know the "Pink Stuff". Beautiful in color ranging from delicate pale pinks to more robust deep reds. With your tasting you will sample Chatham Hill's Rosé and a Rosé from France for a lively variation on this versatile wine, Viva La Rosé!

Jun 18 & 19 Sat & Sun       Numero Dos, Duo, Deux of Wine Cocktail/Spritzer .Perfect for the summer and those hot, steamy days. We’ve created a very special wine spritzer, Chardonnay Blackberry Winetail. Made with Chatham Hill's Chardonnay and our Sweet Carolina Blackberry. You'll be begging for our recipe.  Order a glass or two and relax in our Art Gallery or on our deck with your favorite person

Jun 19 Sun Father's Day. Treat Dear Old Dad to a wine tasting; do a winery tour; have a local brewski on tap, bring your lawn chair and relax in the 'vineyard' (for us that means two rows of vines in the grass!), listen to music, and enjoy the incredible food of Geronimo Food Truck for traditional Filipino homestyle cooking. We'll also be firing up the Wine Slushy machine!

Jun 21 Tue     Wine & Design 6:30-9pm - Paint your Own Pet Portrait. OK, before you say, “I could never do that..,” YES YOU CAN! Here’s what you do: Email a 3 MB or larger color photo of your at least six days before the class and Wine & Design will sketch your pet on a 12” x 16” canvas, making it easy peezy for you, with their assistance, to paint. All details and tickets online

Jun 25 & 26 Sat & Sun       Looking for something fun, educational, and unrivaled to do this weekend? How 'bout Thieving From Wine Barrel? The act of ‘thieving’ wine is when the winemaker will taste the young wine as it is still aging and then will check on the progress frequently during the year as it matures. Be our "Winemaker for the Day" while you 'thieve from the barrel' with every winery tour.

Jul 2 & 3 Sat & Sun             Chips and…Wine. Keep your carrot sticks and jugs of juiced kale, I say; give me Potato Chips!. As far as we're concerned, they’re the ultimate snack food. And, in general, America seems to agree, since we eat about 17 pounds per person per year. And—the key consideration here—they actually go GREAT with wine. This weekend we will be paring three different flavored chips with three different wines. What's your fav?

Jul 4 Mon    Hang out at Chatham Hill Winery before the Fireworks. Sip great wine, try our Wine Slushy, hang out on the deck. Celebrate America's Birthday with us!

Jul 9 & 10 Sat & Sun           Number three, tres, trois of Wine Cocktail/Spritzer. Perfect for the summer and those hot, steamy days. We’ve created a very special wine spritzer, Pinot Grigio Raspberry Winetail. Made with Chatham Hill's Pino Grigio and our Sweet Carolina Raspberry. You'll be begging for our recipe.  Order a glass or two and relax in our Art Gallery or on our deck with your favorite person.

Jul 16 & 17 Sat & Sun         Wine Sundae? Yes Please! Everyone is talking about how great Chatham Hill's Sweet Carolina wines are over ice cream. Come in and choose your wine topping over a rich and creamy vanilla ice cream. Yumski!

Jul 23 & 24 Sat & Sun         Rieslings - When we think of them we think Germany and Sweet. Ahh, tdid you know that France grows more Riesling grapes than Germany and that Riesling is also made in a dry style? There is a world of difference in styles of Riesling. This weekend we will sample three distinctly different Rieslings with our wine tastings so you can taste (and learn) the difference. Hop on over the Chatham Hill Winery for a great weekend!

Jul 30 & 31 Sat & Sun         Sangria Weekend. This weekend at Chatham Hill Winery we are celebrating Sangria. Sangrias Prove Wine And Fruit Are A Match Made In Winey Heaven. We'll be trying a new Sangria this weekend: Roasted Cherry Sangria. Taste with all our wine tastings and purchase by the glass. Yummy!


Annual Wine Club Membership. Club Chatham Hill offers its members first releases of our wines chosen by our Winemaker, discounts, and special Members Only Events. Cost: $300 plus tax - shipping included. Click for club details.


Choose from two categories: 

  • Vintner's Club which includes three bottles of dry, European-style wines each quarter (12 bottles per year) such as Chatham Hill Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier, Chardonnay, Merlot and all newly released premium wines.

  • Sweet Club which is for the sweet wine lover and includes four bottles of wine each quarter (16 bottles per year) such as Sweet Carolina Peach, Blackberry, Mango, Pomegranate, and all newly released flavors.


    Membership + tax (shipping included)

Questions: Call 919.380.7135 or email Jill.